Business card marketing

Use the backside of business cards to further promote your business.

Be sure to use the backside of business cards to further promote your business.

On the 3.5×2 business cards, you have 7 on the front and 7 more space on the backside of the card, a total of 14 marketing ad space. That’s similar to quarter page ad in a magazine that costs of about $300.

On the backside of  business cards, you can add marketing messages, product example pictures, promotional coupons, discounts, pictures, location map, QR code, sequential numbering, or any message that can convey your potential customers to come and visit your store followed by your website promotions.

Make sure your message is concise and effective. If you are not sure how to go about marketing with your business card you can consult with us or another graphic designer who understands marketing with cards.



Custom die cut shaped full color business cards

Custom die cut shaped full color business cards are another way of promoting your business by getting the maximum attention. Ask us what type of die cut shapes are possible. You can find more info a
We are currently having a special on custom die-cut business cards for $199/1000. Many of the retail prices are over $350/1000.

Gift business cards on the paper cards

Gift business cards on the paper cards can save over the plastic business cards by $200. The key to gift business cards are the rounded corner look and the promotional codes on the card. You can have the look of a large business operation promoting the product and services less than $100.


Use the die-cut shaped business cards to earn the customer royality.

Use the die-cut shaped business cards to earn the customer royalty. How about having your business card shaped of your logo or different than the standard 3.5×2 rectangular shape card?   The die-cut cards do cost more but it’s an investment on your business images that carries out for a long time. Little things you do to impress your customer can earn the loyalty through out  the years.

The die for the card is about $150 for us, about $150 below the competitors price and we can print quicker than just about anyone.

What are some of the examples? Note card with your logo, Oval shapes, Squared shape, 4D-shaped. Promotional piece.




Spot color printing with business cards

The Spot color printing with business cards is an alternative print method from the full color printing which allows to print only 1,2 or 3 colors at a time. Each colored section on the file must specified to a uniformed color standard; PMS or Pantone matching system from your software. Most printer carries their preferred in-house choice of colors as their standard colors of choice to save the time, the waste, and the cost involve in printing.

To taken an advantage of Spot color printing method, your business card layout should be set up by a graphic designer or printer who understands the registration and trapping issues within the file set up.

  • You can specify an exact colors to your business card better than the full color printing can.
  • You have more paper options available in spot color business cards printing.
  • You can apply the raised ink technique on the print.
  • Easier to find the foil and embossed printer.
  • You can even apply the letter press technique as well

Business card choices is about to offer spot color business card builder online for those seeking for this type of traditional simple looking business cards. You can save 30-40% compare to the retail print outlet. Start offering $19/500 business cards on the bright white (100 lb) papers.

Most online template background images are too busy and unprofessional

Most online template background images are too busy and unprofessional in fact really difficult to use on any serious business operation. First you will  find  most of the online designing tools can not import images properly without having a white edges around the logo image because no one had figured out how to import the transparency files with overlapped  .jpg background files. Second, a printing company may offer thousands of  pretty picture templates but gives little or no spaces to add your card information.


Design the business card like a billboard signs and save.

Do you know the cost of a billboard sign advertisement? A billboard sign located in the low profile location normally starts at $1000/mo. In the high profile location the cost of the billboard signs can cost as much as $10,000-20,000 per month along with 6-12 month contract.

What if you design the business card similar as the billboard sign? How much will this save you to advertise?

Less than 10% of the advertisement cost.

Use of business card tagline

We can not say enough as to how important to put a tag line that uniquely describes your services and products on the business card. Without the business card tagline your card viewer may not know what kind of service you provide.

More to come.

Meet your potential client face to face to increase the odd in selling

One of the most preferred way of marketing is meeting your clients face to face. Nothing returns more than the meetings and the personal contacts. Having said that, don’t walk off your meeting without leaving something to remember by. Impress your potential client if you can with a properly designed business card or a mini billboard on your hand.

Make every effort to meet your potential client face to face to increase the odd in selling.

Tip of the day: Organize your business card layout. Don’t over load the card with contact information.