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We now offer high quality 18 pt business cards in UV coated and matte finish card stock papers.

We now offer 18 pt business cards in UV coated and matte finish card stock papers. The cost of the cards are half what has to offer and delivers in just  5-7 days.

In addition, we don’t charge for the shipping on standard delivery services. The quicker printing services are not yet available on 18 pt business cards.

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Spot color printing with business cards

The Spot color printing with business cards is an alternative print method from the full color printing which allows to print only 1,2 or 3 colors at a time. Each colored section on the file must specified to a uniformed color standard; PMS or Pantone matching system from your software. Most printer carries their preferred in-house choice of colors as their standard colors of choice to save the time, the waste, and the cost involve in printing.

To taken an advantage of Spot color printing method, your business card layout should be set up by a graphic designer or printer who understands the registration and trapping issues within the file set up.

  • You can specify an exact colors to your business card better than the full color printing can.
  • You have more paper options available in spot color business cards printing.
  • You can apply the raised ink technique on the print.
  • Easier to find the foil and embossed printer.
  • You can even apply the letter press technique as well

Business card choices is about to offer spot color business card builder online for those seeking for this type of traditional simple looking business cards. You can save 30-40% compare to the retail print outlet. Start offering $19/500 business cards on the bright white (100 lb) papers.

Black paper business cards

Follow the trendy color black on the business cards. You have the options to use the color black or the black paper make the cards. Either way you should receive many complements on your card. You  can apply same add-on techniques on both style of printing but the cost of the black paper business card triples over the glossy or silk cards. Make sure to  minimize the graphic elements and make the fonts bigger than 8pt on the black paper business cards. For more detail please visit