business cards graphic design

Use the backside of business cards to further promote your business.

Be sure to use the backside of business cards to further promote your business.

On the 3.5×2 business cards, you have 7 on the front and 7 more space on the backside of the card, a total of 14 marketing ad space. That’s similar to quarter page ad in a magazine that costs of about $300.

On the backside of  business cards, you can add marketing messages, product example pictures, promotional coupons, discounts, pictures, location map, QR code, sequential numbering, or any message that can convey your potential customers to come and visit your store followed by your website promotions.

Make sure your message is concise and effective. If you are not sure how to go about marketing with your business card you can consult with us or another graphic designer who understands marketing with cards.



Small letters on business cards

All of your important business card information should be larger than 8pt. Many people don’t read well below the 6 pt. on the business cards.

More, if using the white or a light colors over the dark background colors, make sure to set the font sizes to larger than 7 pt. or higher. If you don’t likely it will clog up the smaller letters.

Is the fax number on th business card important?

In our experience,  many businesses begin to opt out the fax number from their business cards. When you take out the fax number likely to benefit the card layout in different way.

While we are on the fax number subject, try to align your phone numbers best way you can inline with other phone numbers. This little adjustment should make the card looking  organized.