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Pitfalls in creating your own business cards online

Creating your own business cards online can be a frustrating experience for many people.

There are plenty of business cards online sites where you can create your own business cards online (DIY) for a fraction of the cost. Every one of them claims they can get you the cards for under $10. Then the question comes next, is this business card good enough for my business? Is this card thick enough? Can I can place my own logo? Can I add my own graphic? What about my own photo image? Do I have time to mess with another business card designing interface can’t seem to understand? How do I place my logo that I got it from my web designer?

The answer is “Yes” you can do all of those things, but it’s “Not, that simple.” Here is why?

  1. Background template. Most online custom business card design tool is dictated by fancy background leaves you with very little room to write on the card. They sold you with a background template that you somehow work around the design issues.
  1. Logo. Just ask yourself, what is is more import to you, a logo of your business on the card or the fancy background that dominates half the card. Do you want a very small logo on the card or a logo that properly represent your business brand you are trying to achieve? In many cases, just type in your business name on the card and call it a day. Is that how you want to present your business?
  2. Add other Graphics or photo image. How can you place the photo image over the background image without having a white background of the photo image? In most cases, you can’t  place another image over the background. You will need graphic professional’s help who understands how these business cards online designing tool works.
  3. Card Thickness. Many business cards online sites offer 10pt 12pt papers. That’s far below the today’s industry standard of 14pt or 16pt papers. Basically, you are getting a low-grade paper printed from a digital printer which is considered as a low-quality printing by many print professionals. If you want the standard cards you need to pay extra along with the professional graphic designing fee.
  4. Colored Text. How can I place the colored text over the neutral earth toned colored background graphic? Do you use dark color text or Light color text? It’s not that simple.

The Staples retail store offers great business cards.

The Staples retail store offers great business cards. As part of our extended business card print services, we are about to offer similar type of template cards services as the Staple’s online.

In addition, we’ve become an affiliate with the Staples to offer you the business needs at your office without getting out of the office.

Zazzle has the best template card designs online

Comes to template or Premade business card designs, Zazzle has the best template card designs online. Each of the card templates are designed by quality graphic designers who has very good understanding in their market. The also has some of the best online card layout tools available by providing a intuitive design tools for all computer user levels. Although prices are little higher than the Vista prints we believe you will be happier with Zazzle’s template cards any given day.

As we have noted on the previous post, most templates online can not add your logo file to the layout all that well. Unless you are using the white background template, it’s almost impossible to add your logo and making them seamless on the template card layout using the online layout tools.

Spot color printing with business cards

The Spot color printing with business cards is an alternative print method from the full color printing which allows to print only 1,2 or 3 colors at a time. Each colored section on the file must specified to a uniformed color standard; PMS or Pantone matching system from your software. Most printer carries their preferred in-house choice of colors as their standard colors of choice to save the time, the waste, and the cost involve in printing.

To taken an advantage of Spot color printing method, your business card layout should be set up by a graphic designer or printer who understands the registration and trapping issues within the file set up.

  • You can specify an exact colors to your business card better than the full color printing can.
  • You have more paper options available in spot color business cards printing.
  • You can apply the raised ink technique on the print.
  • Easier to find the foil and embossed printer.
  • You can even apply the letter press technique as well

Business card choices is about to offer spot color business card builder online for those seeking for this type of traditional simple looking business cards. You can save 30-40% compare to the retail print outlet. Start offering $19/500 business cards on the bright white (100 lb) papers.

Most online template background images are too busy and unprofessional

Most online template background images are too busy and unprofessional in fact really difficult to use on any serious business operation. First you will  find  most of the online designing tools can not import images properly without having a white edges around the logo image because no one had figured out how to import the transparency files with overlapped  .jpg background files. Second, a printing company may offer thousands of  pretty picture templates but gives little or no spaces to add your card information.


Small letters on business cards

All of your important business card information should be larger than 8pt. Many people don’t read well below the 6 pt. on the business cards.

More, if using the white or a light colors over the dark background colors, make sure to set the font sizes to larger than 7 pt. or higher. If you don’t likely it will clog up the smaller letters.