Tips on business cards design

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Premium business cards

Our unique, creative premium business cards are available in over twenty-five (25) various types of papers and printed full color; including all of the print add-on options such as foil and embossing. These paper selections are not available at your typical, local print shops.

The cost of the premium business card prints is extremely economical through us vs. your traditional print shop or online store. Every paper selection brings out it’s distinctive, unique qualities to help set you apart from the competition. For less than $175, you can have your business cards embossed or foiled and delivered within 10 days in comparison to your local printers who will charge twice as much for lesser quality.

Who wants these types of premium business cards?

If you are looking for more stylized business cards, our new premium business cards will exceed your expectations.

We also carry the best of the spot color cards anywhere. The spot color business cards are overshadowed by the full-color printing techniques last 10 years, but they continue to be “The Choice” of cards for our customers.

Our linen card selection comes in twelve (12) shades of earth tone papers, eight (8) shades of parchment papers, six (6) shades of colored laid papers, six (6)types of unique plastic cards, solid gold and silver metallic papers, various dark color papers, and foils on the majority of the papers.

The Staples retail store offers great business cards.

The Staples retail store offers great business cards. As part of our extended business card print services, we are about to offer similar type of template cards services as the Staple’s online.

In addition, we’ve become an affiliate with the Staples to offer you the business needs at your office without getting out of the office.

PET cards are more unique than the normal plastic cards

The PET cards are more unique than the normal plastic cards. They are 1/3 of the thickness of 30 mil credit card and just as sturdy as the 16pt cards, same time they are very bendable with rounded corners. The PET cards are now available in various styles; gold, silver, transparent, frost.

Stay away from the elongated logo design

One of the requirement in designing the logo is make sure the logo fits well with all mediums ie. business cards, stationary, web, folder, brochure, and labels.

Here are the rules we have set by to follow among ourselves.

Stay away from the elongated logo design where the width is 3 to 4 times longer than the heights. Graphically, you will run into the problem soon or later because all the pertinent information  on the logo gets too small for any one to recognize the letters in the logo.

Stay away from the vertical business cards

Stay away from the vertical business cards if you can. Why? At first glance the vertical layout may strikes you being the better choice over the horizontal layout, comes with many of the technical layout issues that are difficult to deal with. First your logo should be positioned fit in the 2 inch width.

Zazzle has the best template card designs online

Comes to template or Premade business card designs, Zazzle has the best template card designs online. Each of the card templates are designed by quality graphic designers who has very good understanding in their market. The also has some of the best online card layout tools available by providing a intuitive design tools for all computer user levels. Although prices are little higher than the Vista prints we believe you will be happier with Zazzle’s template cards any given day.

As we have noted on the previous post, most templates online can not add your logo file to the layout all that well. Unless you are using the white background template, it’s almost impossible to add your logo and making them seamless on the template card layout using the online layout tools.

Gift business cards on the paper cards

Gift business cards on the paper cards can save over the plastic business cards by $200. The key to gift business cards are the rounded corner look and the promotional codes on the card. You can have the look of a large business operation promoting the product and services less than $100.


Use the die-cut shaped business cards to earn the customer royality.

Use the die-cut shaped business cards to earn the customer royalty. How about having your business card shaped of your logo or different than the standard 3.5×2 rectangular shape card?   The die-cut cards do cost more but it’s an investment on your business images that carries out for a long time. Little things you do to impress your customer can earn the loyalty through out  the years.

The die for the card is about $150 for us, about $150 below the competitors price and we can print quicker than just about anyone.

What are some of the examples? Note card with your logo, Oval shapes, Squared shape, 4D-shaped. Promotional piece.




Spot color printing with business cards

The Spot color printing with business cards is an alternative print method from the full color printing which allows to print only 1,2 or 3 colors at a time. Each colored section on the file must specified to a uniformed color standard; PMS or Pantone matching system from your software. Most printer carries their preferred in-house choice of colors as their standard colors of choice to save the time, the waste, and the cost involve in printing.

To taken an advantage of Spot color printing method, your business card layout should be set up by a graphic designer or printer who understands the registration and trapping issues within the file set up.

  • You can specify an exact colors to your business card better than the full color printing can.
  • You have more paper options available in spot color business cards printing.
  • You can apply the raised ink technique on the print.
  • Easier to find the foil and embossed printer.
  • You can even apply the letter press technique as well

Business card choices is about to offer spot color business card builder online for those seeking for this type of traditional simple looking business cards. You can save 30-40% compare to the retail print outlet. Start offering $19/500 business cards on the bright white (100 lb) papers.

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