Use of a Avery business card template to print

Simply, don’t use the Avery business card template papers to print your business card unless this is your last option. In today’s standard, these look very un-professional  no matter how you do it. Instead of handing out a bad card, just tell the truth by saying to your potential customer, you don’t have a business card to hand out today then ask to them an email later time.

This way  your potential customer can’t judge you by the cover.

This is why you should not use the Avery business card paper to print  if you are serious about the getting the business done right.

  1. Avery’s paper is about 80lb weight VS 130lb paper.
  2. You can’t print with the bleed.
  3. Most laser printers at the office is simply not good enough quality.
  4. You have to deal with the perforated edges afterward on the card.
  5. You may not have enough inks to complete the job.
  6. Your ink and the printer maintenance during the printing can cost you the time and money.

Just remember, people are very judge mental about the business cards. Professionally printed cards has much better chance of getting recognized  and respected then the printed card at home office.