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Glossy cards

marketing cards

At Business Card Choices you can get 130lb, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 24pt, and 32 pt glossy cards. The 14pt glossy paper cards are the standard and they are the most preferred cards of today.

Matte cards


Many professionals prefer to have modest business image over the flashy glossy cards and these are the ones to get. This Matte cards are the same paper as the glossy cards without the glossy coating.

raised ink cards


Raised ink business cards are still the preferred choice for many of our customers. Most of these cards are printed on 80 lb to 100 lb paper.

silk cards

silk cards

If you believe first impression is the lasting one, then the silk cards are the one to get. These are thick, smooth and most professional looking cards in our collection of cards.

premium cards


Now you can print full colors from our selected textured papers such as Ivory color papers, silver and gold Star dream papers, Extra shinny papers, and more. Read More >

metallic cards

premium cards

The glossy cards are now most easily available.

plastic cards

plastic cards

Each of our plastic cards are some of the best quality and prices you will not find anywhere. Our specialty option allows to add SPOT UV, foil,  variable data, bar coding, magnetic stripes, embossed numbering, hole punch to the card.

quick cards

austin cards

Austin business cards

Are you in hurry to get your business cards in Austin Texas area? Same day business card printing services is available on 130 lb or 14 pt papers. The raised ink cards are not available in this time line.

Be sure to call us first for our availability.

marketing cards

specialty cards

Instead of simply having a name card, turn your business card into a marketing card by adding offers and coupons so can bring new customers into your business.

Beige cards

embossed cards

These are printed on the beige colored papers. The paper thickness varies from 80lb papers to 110lbs. We can fabricate the colors as well to meet your expectation.

black cards


These black cards are actually printed on the 14 pt black paper. You can apply gold or silver foil and spot UV option on single side.

finishing options


Now you can add special finishes to enhance the look of the card without the big print shop cost. Most of the Finishing Option services starts at quantity of 250. You can apply 12 types of foils, 4 types of spot UV, embossing, colored edges, rounded corners, punch holes, custom shapes, sequential number, perforation, custom die cut, and more.

thick cards


Now days thick cards can range up to 40 pt. which is about two credit cards thickness. Thick cards are one of the better way to get an attention to draw in your potential customer.

thin cards

natural cards

Thin cards are only 6ml thick and made of PET material similar to a soda can. You can flex the card half way over and still holds the shape afterwards. Each corners are rounded like a credit card so can easily in and out of a wallet or a billfold.

linen cards


The glossy cards are now most easily available.

laid cards


coming soon.

Shaped cards


Our shaped business cards are one of the most cost effective solution anywhere. You can choose from over 25 types of premium paper and then can apply all other special finish options as well; foil, emboss, fold, punch a hole, etc. The cost of the shaped card die is less than half of our competitors price at half the production time.

embossed cards

embossed cards

Most local business card print shops don’t offer embossed cards on the full color cards to begin with and their cost is 30-80% higher than ours.

The business card embossing process involves in  accurate registration and our quality exceeds industry standards.

Normally, our delivery takes only 2 weeks to get in your hands where most print shop takes 3-4 weeks.

foiled cards


Our foiled business card holds the same quality and the cost effective solution as the embossed business cards. You can foil over the embossed area.

Natural cards


Our natural card collection allows you to choose from various earthy colors and paper textures to the full color printing.

You can enhance the natural cards with foil and emboss the card.

Spot UV cards


With spot UV options you can let you imagination run wild. Spot UV cards are available in standard cleared UV coating, double UV coating, and in sparkled bling UV coating.

edge cards


The Edge card comes in ultra thick 32 pt cards with 5 different colors; black, blue, red, teal, and orange.

professional cards


Which card paper is right?


Although all of our business cards are professional looking card, each type of card has a specific purpose. Executives or corporate card deserves a simpler look and paper where as in sales profession card paper can be open to more choices. Be sure to ask us about your card choices.

Template cards

professional cards

We’ve over 4000 business card template designs available online. Please click here to access our library of cards. Click here

We can deliver glossy 14pt cards in 24-48 hours to most of Texas cities.

Austin • Round Rock • Pflugerville • Cedar Park • West Lake • Georgetown • Houston • Dallas • San Antonio
award business card Business card Choices award


Make an impact when someone takes your business card.

We exceed your expectation

If you are looking for more stylized business card, our new premium business cards will exceed your expectations. You shouldn’t be forced to stay with your everyday, “look like everyone else” type business cards.

We also carry the best of the spot color cards anywhere. The spot color business cards are over shadowed by the full color printing techniques last 10 years, but they continue to be “The Choice” of cards for the elite customers.

Business Card Choices linen card selection comes in twelve (12) shades of earth tone papers, eight (8) shades of parchment papers, six (6) shades of colored laid papers, six (6)types of unique plastic cards, solid gold and silver metallic papers, various dark color papers, and foils on the majority of the papers.

Over 25 types of premium papers

Business card choices is not just about the standard everyday thick glossy business card, or the basic raised ink cards. Our unique, creative premium business cards are available in over twenty-five (25) various types of papers and printed full color;including all of the print add-on options such as foil and embossing. These paper selections are not available at your typical, local print shops.

The cost of the premium business card prints are extremely economical through us vs. your traditional print shop or online store. Every paper selection brings out it’s distinctive, unique qualities to help set you apart from the competition. For less than $75, you can have your business cards embossed or foiled and delivered within 10 days in comparison to your local printers who will charge twice (2x);as much for lesser quality.

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16pt paper with Silver or gold Foiled cards under $100

Available with full color printing.

Printing in Austin Texas area

Available with full color printing.

Our print prices are very competitive with other Austin’s local retail print shops. Let us win you over with hassle free and responsive customer services. We can take care of post cards, envelopes, letterheads, brochures, signages, stickers, and more.