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If you are looking for more stylized business card, our new premium business cards will exceed your expectations. You shouldn’t be forced to stay with your everyday, “look like everyone else” type business cards.

We also carry the best of the spot color cards anywhere. The spot color business cards are over shadowed by the full color printing techniques last 10 years, but they continue to be “The Choice” of cards for the elite customers.

Business Card Choices linen card selection comes in twelve (12) shades of earth tone papers, eight (8) shades of parchment papers, six (6) shades of colored laid papers, six (6)types of unique plastic cards, solid gold and silver metallic papers, various dark color papers, and foils on the majority of the papers.

Over 25 types of premium papers

Business card choices is not just about the standard everyday thick glossy business card, or the basic raised ink cards. Our unique, creative premium business cards are available in over twenty-five (25) various types of papers and printed full color;including all of the print add-on options such as foil and embossing. These paper selections are not available at your typical, local print shops.

The cost of the premium business card prints are extremely economical through us vs. your traditional print shop or online store. Every paper selection brings out it’s distinctive, unique qualities to help set you apart from the competition. For less than $75, you can have your business cards embossed or foiled and delivered within 10 days in comparison to your local printers who will charge twice (2x);as much for lesser quality.

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