Using CANVA’s template with us to print your cards.

Using the Canva we offer $10 off the printing.

We totally support the use of Canva for your business card layouts. Canva is the best online templates that look very professional and easy to use for most customers. With Canva’s paid version you get access to all the tools to design cards properly.

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When you download the file from
the Canva be sure to click on the
“Crop marks and bleed.”

Canva adds on 1/8″ bleed to the art file. If your business card’s background extends over the edge of the card then be sure to extend your image over the 3.5×2 print image area as shown below.

Pros: Canva offers quality templates normally only the graphic designers have the means to produce.

Cons: Using the Canva, you can only print one-dimensional cards. Meaning, can not print Spotuv, Foil, Rounded corners, Numbering, and more specialized cards.

Cons: Using the Canva, difficult to control exact colors on the card. Since all the colors are in the RGB color palette, some of the colors may not print exactly as you saw on the monitor screen, especially on the blue, teal, lime green, and so on.

Cons: Business card templates, in general, are intended for DIY customers who want to save money but difficult to add on your personal graphics and the business logo.

Printing Cost: Our cost is less than Canva and offers faster delivery time.

Print Quality: We offer similar printing quality as the Canva can.

Our best match with Canva’s printings are: